New Funeral Songs, Original Memorial Music and Soothing Music for Healing Grief

Celebration of Life, Memorial, Funeral, White Dove Release, Scattering Ashes and Grief Healing Music by Paula Marie Jones


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New Original Funeral Songs, Memorial Songs, Funeral Music and Grief Healing Music

"Meet Me at the Twilight Star" CD by Paula Marie Jones

Introducing 12 Beautifully Orchestrated Songs

Original Funeral Songs and New Memorial Music CD Featuring Special Songs for:

White Dove Release and Release of Ashes Burial at Sea

CD includes 28 page lyric booklet!

"Meet Me at the Twilight Star" is a collection of 12 beautifully orchestrated songs intentionally designed to bring new original music to funerals, memorials, life celebrations, scattering ashes burial at sea, white dove releases and any type of remembrance ceremony.

"Meet Me at the Twilight Star" was recorded for your use to create a personal and meaningful goodbye ceremony. Each song has been carefully written so you may weave your own experiences and beliefs into the story.

This music is an excellent resource for professionals and practitioners in the fields of Hospice, Palliative Care, Bereavement, Grief Counseling and Emotional Healing.

It serves everyone who is faced with the loss of a loved one. This music is a perfect gift to give those who need care and comfort after a loss.

If you're searching for a good funeral song, memorial song, life celebration music or songs for any remembrance ceremony, service or event you're at the right place. We offer song samples for your listening on our
Listening Room page so you can find just the right song that tells your story. These songs easily fit into a funeral or memorial service and can also be used as slideshow music to play behind your tribute video.

Song Lyrics page offers complete lyrics for each song making your music selections much easier ensuring you find just the song you're searching for when planning a funeral or memorial.

All songs were composed and performed by Paula Marie Jones. This CD is a perfect combination of powerful songwriting and gorgeous vocals with an easy listening style. These songs were lovingly created to honor your loved one in music and to soothe and comfort you on your healing journey.

How to Create A Memorial and Use Memorial Songs

In the Memorials section of this website are pages titled Create A Memorial and Memorial Music. On our Create A Memorial page we offer suggestions and ideas for the content of a funeral or memorial service. Each ceremony or event can be created and structured in many different ways. We've listed many of the common, as well as some contemporary options that are available, as ceremonies have become more personalized in recent years.

The Memorial Music page presents many options of how and where to use "Meet Me at the Twilight Star" songs when planning a funeral or memorial service. The songs are interchangeable for different service programs, formats and funeral order of service and are very versatile in creating any type of remembrance ceremony.

Grief Healing Music

"Meet Me at the Twilight Star" also serves as an effective tool as Music for Healing Grief to assist with your healing journey that follows in the wake of death. Beyond the funeral, we offer songs to help you with your mourning and bereavement.

The Song Stories page is an amazing grief healing experience as you listen to the song while reading the lyrics, you also view an image that captures the essence of the story. Engaging all the senses is a powerful way to begin the healing grief process in the loss of a loved one.

Healing Grief Information

Healing Grief is the other main focus of this website. "Meet Me at the Twilight Star" also serves as an effective tool for healing grief in your mourning and bereavement that follows the funeral or memorial ceremony.

I began singing for funerals and memorials in the 1970's at the age of sixteen. Very naturally I began to assist families in finding the right music for their goodbye ceremony. And when there was just no music to be found that fit the story, I would compose it. Many of the funeral songs, memorial songs and healing grief songs recorded on this CD were written from my experiences in working as a music therapist and bereavement counselor.

I have watched the steady shift of how music has evolved
in these services to become a more personalized experience.
As a music therapist and professional vocalist I have been an advocate
in the changing culture of how music is used in these events.

In my grief counseling work I encourage families and friends to create very personal and meaningful goodbye ceremonies because it is the first step in healing their grief.
Music is a central tool in my grief counseling work as a team member at
Buena Vista Hospice Care in Westlake, California.

Since the majority of people do not seek grief counseling after a death, most grief work is done independently. Music is one of the finest tools to work with in your own private time and space. Several songs in this collection were written directly for this purpose.

I am a witness every day to the power of the right music for a remembrance service and as a tool for healing grief.

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